We are a team of professionals who have been working in the Wholesales

Music Instruments industry for more than 15 years in Latin America,

We have been closely involved with the main brands and distributors in South America.



In this 2020 definitely we need new ideas, new ways to connect and work together.

Until now, we have two options of representation in Latam, one is a very old option, which several companies usually based on Miami offer representation  to Latin America, it is a very old fashion strategy which these companies take 20% to 50% only to move your products. The result: The BRAND is out, due to their street price become very expensive to the final consumer, unreachable to the average musician in Latam (we have worked 8 years in one these kind of company in Miami, so we know that kind of representation doesn´t work),  also the Local Distributor usually doesn´t want to deal with any intermediate company.

the second option is hire a Sales Manager to your company, with a very high salary, high expenses to travel, high cost to mantein, or reclute someone of your staff  and move to manage sales in Latam, usually they need more than 10 years to  understad the culture and economy of Latam.

So what´s is remotoour propose:

We offer a new and modern way to work with the brands, into your company as a part of your sales team, we offer a local remote sales representation in Latin America .


we have worked with:

Gibson, Marshall, Mackie, Vic Firth, Line6, Ampeg, Sabian, Paiste, Kala, Schecter, Pearl, Blackstar, Vox and the best Japanese brands like Yamaha, Ibanez, Tama, Korg and much more, in Latin America.


We are located in Buenos Aires, which have one of the bigger market of Music Instruments in Latin America. From here we have beside countries like Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia.

We love work with Japanese Brands, We are nikkei and we were selected by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) to visit several Music Instruments factories in Japan, also we have attend to the Gakki Fair, biggest Music Instruments Fair in Japan in Nov 2018.



LET´S TALK or write us now: hola@frankmusic.com.ar



Frank M. South America Team